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Cancellations disrupt an aggressive schedule tailored for the release of episodes in a timely fashion each week. Please consider carefully before scheduling or canceling.

Dependant on the cause, cancellation does not guarantee another interview booking and, understanding of the need to have the means to send quick cancellation notices there is an expectation of a phone call or face-to-face meeting for closure.

No matter the business model or previous understanding of the interview process, the interview itself for ITFH is personal and intimate. ITFH reserves the right to protect the privacy and format of its interview process and scheduling and may cancel at any time, for any reason, without liability or consequence. ITFH does acknowledge the implicit responsibilities and expectations that may arise for interviewees as they go through the process of screening, then experiencing the interview with the host. If an interviewee has ANY questions throughout the process, it is the responsibility of the interviewee to attempt to ask them all before the interview with the host, so that the authentic integrity of the conversation may be maintained, keeping production costs to a minimum.

Any cancellation/failure to may, and will, be charged back to the interviewee, along with any associated processing fees, cancellation fees (starting at $100), lawyer fees, and any other legitimate fees as determined. By completing the scheduling process, you accept all of ITFH policies.

Thanks and we look forward to the show!

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