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‘I’ll Have To Think On That`: Engineering A Way To Be A Programmer

An In The Fighting Hole Interview of Gustavo Ambrozio

When Gustavo Ambrozio engages you, the engagement is not like a spontaneous flame, springing from a hurried campfire built with generous amounts of cardboard, quickly offering bright and warm conversation as the fires burn, then gone, his interest in you swiftly consumed. Rather, getting to know Gustavo is more like when one experiences the steady poetic story rhythms of Rudyard Kipling, while yet still intriguingly beguiling like Robert Browning’s, “The Pied Piper of Hamlin.” In other words, he isn’t boring.

I have even found myself following his adventures, awaiting the “piper’s call.” If you listen, you might catch sounds emanating back from up the path where he has practically run ahead of us. As Gustavo fast walks to each of life’s experiences, his light feet skipping up, and almost dancing over Nature’s varied faces, the slap of feet and hands generating a kind of rhythm echoing the confident beat of a heart that is sure in what it knows.

Fueling Gustavo’s explorations are the computer engineering skills gained over many years. Smaller and younger, he was captivated by the seeming “magic” of “code.” Programming described methods of how organizing the flow of electrons, then manipulating those flows into layers of patterned instructions created tools out of “thin air.” Gustavo, with his first program, was getting code “on, like Donkey Kong,” literally creating a Donkey Kong game from the skills he gleaned from surrounding materials gathered, borrowed, and read! Soon, San Paulo, Brazil was too small for his curiosity, leaving his home to come to the San Francisco Bay in 2014, he quickly settled in working with Apple.

One spring evening in 2015, a planning session at my abode had been called in the Spring of 2015, to discuss our upcoming joint presentations to the “volunteer community.” Melissa Kirk’s Facebook Group, Burner Hacks, had gotten reasonably accessible, and Scott McNeil, whom many of us called “The Hidden Hand” due to his backend networking style. Accompanying them was a tall, dark “young-ish” man dressed in a black leather jacket. I learned his name between the mouthfuls of spaghetti gleefully packed into his face. Being newly moved to the East Bay from New Mexico, I only supposed he had a good reason to devour most of the garlic bread I had slaved over an oven to make for everyone.

a gasp escapes from someone reading this somewhere

“Did you hear that?”, Gustavo had asked,
“No,” I told him, a look of puzzlement on my face. “What did you hear?”
“There it is again! Can’t you hear it? It is coming from it sounds like…” Gustavo looked alarmed.
“Oh, THAT! That’s just me exercising my artistic license somewhere in the future, for my amusement, probably. My humor can be obscure and obtuse at times.”, I assured him.
Gustavo relaxed, remembering how I can be.
“Damn funny when the timing and delivery are just right,” I thought to myself, “if a little weird, and unexpected, but in a good way! Vaudeville had been like that way back in the day. You either went with your gut and scored, or the “Big Hook.” pulled the “sinking ship” off the stage of their humiliation.” I sat pondering that for a moment. Melissa got my attention.
“I didn’t know you were going to include me in the copy for his interview!” Melissa blurted, somewhat mystified, and either a little exasperated or flattered. It could be hard to tell with Melissa at times. “Wait, am I speaking now, or then?” She looked passed Scott, who was sitting on my plush brown couch beside her, a quirky smile spreading across her face, she was raising her arm and beginning to point at me.
“Now of course.:” I looked pleadingly at Scott, who shrugged his shoulders, keeping them up a little longer than usual to emphasize his resigned neutrality, despite being dragged into my gleeful schemes of odd humor himself, saying, “It ‘taint up to me. You’re the one writing this thing. The garlic bread was good, though.”
“Yes, yes, I did stray. Back to the copy, then!”, I replied, standing suddenly.

*looking up from my typewriter, ‘I might as well make it memorable copy, right?.*

I caught up with Gustavo by phone recently while he, and his partner Sony, were staying in Southern California, near the outskirt borderlands of the unforgiving Mojave Desert, in between walking up cliff faces and designing popular mobile game applications. Calling late in the evening, we began what my 1st phone interview was, and most extended interview so far, for the podcast.
Join us for “I’ll have To Think About That: Engineering A Way To Be”, my interview with programmer, rock climber, and explorer,
Gustavo Ambrozio In The Fighting Hole!


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